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Chris Degenhardt - Science-Art artist

picture of artist Chris Degenhardt

Chris Degenhardt has been creating art all his life. He has developed a Pointillist art style. He entered his painting 'The Now Age' in the Science-Art Festival in Murwillumbah, 2000. Recent achievements include: a portrait of Professor Robert Pope, Director of (Science-Art Research Centre of Australia) entered in the 2001 Archibald Portrait Prize. A 'Highly Commended Award' in the 2002 Border Art Prize. First Prize in the RQAS (Royal Queensland Art Society Inc.), 'Gold Coast Masters' open art exhibition in 2003. A 'Highly Commended' award in the RQAS inc. 2004 open art prize. Returning from Egypt in November 2004 Chris painted Egyptian imagery. He also began creating 3D effects in his paintings. This effect enthralls and mystifies all who look at his work through special 3D glasses.

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Chris Degenhardt

Born England , 28th December 1948

  • 2008 His book "Feminine Ethics in the New Measure of Humanity' was launched at the Byron Bay Writers Festival. For this he became recipient of the Cockburn award in 2009.
  • 2008 He experimented with computer graphics, using semi-transparent overlays to achieve a holographic effect in his paintings. This becomes instantly recognizable with the use of 'Chromadepth' 3D lenses.
  • 2007 He wrote and published his Science-Art paper “Science-Art Colour Theory and the Holographic Nature of Reality". This paper concerns the evolution of vision and the role of the visual artist in conveying this to the world at large. He is currently concentrating on achieving greater colour definition in detailed artwork.
  • 2006 He became a founder member of SAGA (Science-Art Guild of Australia). He moved away from Pointillism and experimented with creating works to achieve instantly recognizable 3D effects.
  • 2004 Following his return from an extraordinary spiritual journey in Egypt he produced a series of Pointillist paintings depicting aspects of ancient Kemet (Greek Egypt) . During this phase he discovered that, when his art work was viewed through chromadepth lenses, the paintings took on a 3D effect...
  • 2004 RQAS (Royal Queensland Art Society) Open Art prize. ‘Highly Commended' for fractal pointillist painting 'Wisdom through Beauty"
  • 2003 "Gold Coast Masters" open art competition, RQAS (Royal Queensland Art Society) First Prize for his painting “I am Woman”
  • 2002 Border Art Prize. ‘Highly Commended' award for his painting “Wonder world”.
  • 2001 Archibald National Portrait Prize. He entered a Pointillist portrait "Professor Robert Pope," who is the Director of SARCA (Science-Art Research Centre of Australia).
  • 2000 He entered a Pointillist painting “Icons of the New Renaissance" in the Science-Art Festival in Murwillumbah. As a result he became very interested in Science-Art (putting humanity back into science) both for its symbolism and its philosophy.
  • 1994 NSW, Tweed Valley . He further developed my Pointillist art style and held his first Pointillist Art Exhibition at the Tumbulgum Art Gallery . He became a founder member of ARTS (Artists Representing Tweed Shire) where he participated in meetings and exhibitions at Dali's Café in Murwillumbah. For three years he painted publicly at Dali's café during the week and at Local art and crafts markets at weekends.
  • 1990 NSW, Bellingen. He gave up his career as audiometrist to develop his art full-time. Greatly inspired by the work of French Pointillists, and Georges Seurat in particular, he developed his own pointillist style, which, as he painted at local art and craft markets, became well known in the area.
  • 1982 Australia , Adelaide . Art career was put on hold while children were growing up.
  • 1981 New Zealand , Auckland , Magic Fingers art studio, illustrator.
  • 1976 Freelance Graphic and Typographic designer.
  • 1974 London , NCK (Norman Craig and Kummel) advertising agency, visualization artist.
  • 1974 He passed the LSIAD (Licentiate Society of Industrial Artists Diploma) in Vocational Graphics.
  • 1969 Great Yarmouth College of Art and Design in Norfolk , England . Course in Vocational Graphics
  • 1961" Island of Coal" National Art Competition (sponsored by the British Coal Board) 3rd prize for his painting called 'Moving coal'

He is currently selling his work through the Science-Art Centre, where he is working with Robert Pope and Robert Todonai on a new art book to commemorate the new art Renaissance that was launched at the Centre this year.